Strategist / Creative


Let's match

Is it a match? 

First of all, I'm pretty tall and my personality type is ENTJ, because I understand that's important. However, that's not as important as the fact that I'm now looking for someone to partner up with. One thing that makes all the difference in a relationship is that both partners share the same goal and will to walk the distance. So, is it a match?

What I look for?
I look for a creative agency with focus on interactive design, experiences and social media. An agency that appreciates the importance of integrated strategy and innovative thinking and believes that everyone deserves to be listened to. I love movies, music and food and if you share those interests it's definitely a plus. 

What can I contribute with?
I'm stubborn, so if we bump into problems I'll work hard to solve whatever it is. It's actually one of my greatest characteristics, to think and execute my thinking. At my time in Hyper Island I've been in plenty of teams and experienced the precious art of teamwork. When working as a producer I've learned how to plan ahead, so if there's something you need to structure I'm your girl. 

How to move on from here?
I think it's important to get to know each other before making any commitments and therefore you got all my details at the socials in the bottom of this page. I look for someone that is ambitious in their way of being, because that would match me. So if you feel like you want to try my way of working I'm up for a small brief of your choosing, just send me the info and we'll chat about it! 

I'm available from December 2017. 
Let's meet!