Strategist / Creative




Well, hello there!
My name is Corinne Daldorph and I work with strategy and project management.
Like Tetra Pak, I'm practically inclined and have a lot of content I would like to share. Like a pacemaker, I love to make people's hearts skip a beat and for them to feel alive through interactive design. And like dynamite, there's always a lot of things going on around me and I get the job done. That's not the only thing we have in common though - we're all from the innovative country Sweden - and in 2017 I'll join the others out there during my internship period.

To describe me a bit further I'm all about walking, stalking and talking.  



Movement is important, whether it's about traveling around the world or about the company I work at. To be aware of my surroundings and see the potential in them is a key factor to development. I'm always willing to walk a step further to evolve.


Yes, I enjoy stalking people and numbers, but not in the unsettling way it sounds like. As of now, I work with growth and influencer strategy. I'm interested in how people see and react to the involving and evolving world we all live in. To find cognitive explanations to human behaviour and through those build strategies and concepts, is one of the rewarding things I'm doing on a daily basis. 


I love to talk, I don't know if it's because of my history being taught rhetorics from a really young age or if it's the conversations and insights that usually follow. As a creative, I'm used to explaining my sometimes crazy ideas and then discussing them with others to build on them. So if you feel like talking to me about one of your ideas or asking about any of mine, don't hesitate to contact me.